Other Service Providers

CRM Group

Redmond, Washington
(425) 827-7526
The founder of CRM Group, Terry Miller, is a respected and experienced marketing consultant specializing in customer relationship management. He's done work for the biggies, but seems to gravitate towards mid-sized companies. If you're searching for ways to find more customers — or better serve those you already have — he's your man.

"Explainer" Videos

Video is hot as a marketing tool today. But too many companies are still producing stiff corporate videos to explain their service or product. If you want something more compelling, consider using the "explainer" format. To see best-of-breed examples — and find providers that will do a bang-up job — try these resources.


For a better way to present your images online, see Simpleviewer. Their viewers are not only some of the most stylish, they're also super simple to use and free.


Finally: a better, simple way to present annual reports, guides, white papers and more online. This easy-to-use online service from Issuu turns your digital documents into elegant online publications that are a snap for your target audience to access.

Change Detect

An important part of any marketing plan is knowing what your competitors are doing and saying. Change Detect — a free service — allows you to automatically monitor competitor Web sites for any changes.

Spot Runner

Want to try advertising on TV? Ready-made TV ads from Spot Runner can cost a fraction of what a traditional advertising agency would charge to create a TV spot. They'll also help you get it on the air.

Mini Brochure

A "mini brochure" is a great networking tool (and can be included as part of just about any marketing effort). Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, yet packs a big first-impression punch.


This online service makes it affordable for small and mid-sized businesses to conduct online surveys and hold online focus groups.

Stock Layouts

For small businesses on a budget. Buy these professionally designed templates, then use your desktop publishing program to add the text, swap photos, adjust the design and more. Templates available for brochures, flyers, newsletters, letterhead, postcards, print ads, menus and posters.

Vector Magic

Have a logo or a photo you need transformed into a vector format (so it can be enlarged without getting all fuzzy)? This online service gets high marks yet costs comparatively little. Note: transforming a color photo into a vector will result in a color illustration, not a vector photo.


Have questions about trademarking a name or other marketing-related legal issues? NOLO can help. NOLO is the nation's oldest and most respected provider of legal information. Since 1971, Nolo has offered affordable, plain-English books, forms and software on a wide range of issues important to small businesses. Plus, the site offers a wealth of free articles on all these subjects, as well.

Crown Profile

Need a knock-out resume, a compelling cover letter or sage career advice? The Crown Profile site is loaded with the latest facts, figures and advice about employment and job-search issues. It also offers some of the best resume and cover letter writing services you'll find anywhere.