Web Site Marketing Services

Google Analytics

Want to know how people are finding your Web site and which pages they're viewing when they come calling? This free service from Google will tell you all that and so much more. (Note: You'll need a Web site designer to add special HTML code to each of your pages.)

Webmaster Tools

Google and Yahoo are by far the most popular search engines. So you want your site to be easy for them to find and categorize. Knowing this, they both provide free tools and information you can use to analyze and optimize your Web site. If nothing else, this will prove why you need a well-organized, well-designed Web site.

Search-engine Marketing

Of course, the vast majority of Web sites will never appear in the first few pages of search results (and only nine percent of people ever scroll through more than two pages of results). Your next best option is to advertise on Google and Yahoo. Search-engine marketing is far different from any other type of advertising. For a complete description of how it all works, see the Yahoo and Google marketing sites.

Search-engine Marketing Services

Who are you kidding? You don't have time to bid on keywords and monitor your online ads. That's what ReachLocal and Marchex are here for. Both were recently featured in the Wall St. Journal, and both offer "local advertisers" access to some of the same, sophisticated, online targeting technologies used by major marketers — in a simple-to-manage, all-encompassing service.


Wondering if your search-engine marketing is paying off? Using the MediaTracker program from LinkShare, you can determine and analyze your return on investment for just about any online marketing relationship (business development deals, e-mail marketing, ad buys, search-engine marketing and more).

LinkShare (again)

Affiliate marketing used to be a very popular way of increasing Web site traffic. Since then, the technique has been much-maligned due to abuse from the participating affiliates. However, LinkShare has combined its affiliate marketing program with analysis tools that help you find and combat the abuse.


Maybe all you need to start attracting more Web site visitors is some improvements to your site. Edit.com specializes in "maximizing the effectiveness" of small business Web sites.