Direct Marketing

Hire Krause Communications to write the text, then use one of the following resources to launch your marketing effort.

Info USA

The most important aspect of any direct-marketing effort is the mailing list. This company — which serves mainly small businesses — is one of the largest sources. Info USA also offers services for analyzing your current customers (so you can find more like them), enhancing your in-house mailing list and more.

Address Right Now
Already have a mailing list (but want to ensure it's deliverable)? Pitney Bowes offers an inexpensive online service that will review all the addresses on your list, correct those that aren't formatted correctly, provide new addresses for customers who have moved, and more.

AAA Mailing

Seattle, Washington
(206) 634-3251
If you've got a relatively small mailing (anything from 500 to 10,000 pieces), this is your best Seattle-based resource. AAA does it all, from the folding to the stuffing, labeling to mailing, and will even handle the printing. Excellent pricing. A bit rough around the edges, but what lettershop isn't?

Zair Mail
Using this internet-based resource, you can launch a direct-mail marketing effort in as little as 15 minutes. You provide the text. They provide the mailing lists (consumer or business) and the printing (direct-mail letters or postcards), then send it off in the mail for you. Note: postcard marketing efforts, while cheap, typically perform much worse than letters.


Creve Couer, Missouri
Dimensional mailings have proven to be the most effective of any direct-mail medium. They typically achieve response rates at least two to three times better than traditional direct-mail efforts. They're also your best bet for reaching C-level audiences (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, etc.). However, they're also much more expensive to produce and deliver. This is one of the few companies that specialize in producing dimensional products (and has for more than 25 years).


Waukegan, Illinois
Need a box, bag, tube, envelope, label or other mailing supplies? This company is the leading distributor. Huge catalog. Same-day shipping. High-quality products. Low prices.

Jam Paper & Envelope

Another online source for hard-to-find envelopes, presentation folders and more.

Modern Postcard

Carlsbad, California
While postcards are not a recommended marketing vehicle because of their typically low response rates, this is the place to go if you want to give them a try. You provide the content (text and photos). They provide the mailing lists (consumer or business) and the printing, then send it off in the mail for you.