Work Portfolio

Case Studies for Weyerhaeuser

Weyerhaeuser's salespeople were having trouble convincing prospective customers to spend a little more for its ClimaSeries packaging. So the company hired Krause Communications to create case studies showing how real customers have used the revolutionary new packaging to their advantage.

Peter researched the benefits of the packaging, pored through salespeople's notes, then drafted a series of 14 case studies.

See samples of the case studies.

Marketing Emails for ShareBuilder

When ShareBuilder merged with ING Direct to form the country's leading online financial services company, they hired Krause Communications to write a series of marketing emails promoting the new-and-improved products. Peter worked with ShareBuilder's marketing managers to determine the content and objectives, then researched and wrote a series of 13 different emails.

See samples of the emails.

Direct Mail for Fidesic

Fidesic — the leading provider of automated accounting solutions — had an inventive idea. It would pay its prospective customers (CFOs at midsize companies) a small sum to take an online survey, then use those insights in future marketing efforts.

To ensure the targeted executives took note of the offer, Fidesic hired Krause Communications to create a simple but effective direct-mail package. Peter designed the mailing, wrote the cover letter, the buck slip and the envelope teaser copy.

See what Fidesic mailed.

Media Kit for the Home Owners Club

After launching an all-new online service for homeowners, this Seattle-based company hired Krause Communications to attract media attention.

Originally, the client wanted a simple press release. However, when Peter returned with a mock-up of a complete press kit, the client gave the effort an enthusiastic green light. Peter designed the kit, researched all the facts, wrote the copy, coordinated the printing and even helped develop the media contact list.

See the media kit.

Website for Maxwell IT

As a way to break the ice with doctors considering the purchase of a new IT system, this startup technology consultant decided to host informational seminars at hospitals throughout the country.

Getting these harried professionals to attend, however, would require a website that was both compelling and easy to use. To overcome that challenge, Krause Communications was contracted to design, write and coordinate the production of the entire website.

See the Maxwell IT website.

White Paper for Sharebuilder

Offering a white paper on your website is a great way to generate traffic and gather e-mail addresses. With its own writers busy on other projects, this financial services company hired Krause Communications to create a white paper detailing the benefits of exchange traded funds.

Peter developed the theme for the paper, researched and wrote all the copy, even created the design concept.

See the whitepaper.

Product Descriptions for Synergene Seed

When this Salinas Valley seed producer decided to revamp its Web site, it not only hired Krause Communications to write all the copy, it also contracted with Peter to make its product descriptions better sellers.

Peter developed a comprehensive features chart that helped differentiate one seed from another, then wrote engaging descriptions for each.

See samples of the product descriptions.

Sales Collateral for Garage Craft

Garage Craft had an innovative new parking system, but just one salesperson to sell it. So they turned to Krause Communications to help with the sales collateral. With an important trade show in just a few weeks, Garage Craft figured all they had time to do was crank out a simple, one-sided flyer. Instead, Peter combined forces with a graphic designer, and together they created three attention-grabbing brochures — each version targeted to a key market segment.

See one of the brochures.

Newsletter for the Home Owners Club

When this client came to Krause Communications for ideas on re-energizing its customer newsletter, Peter suggested shorter articles, testimonial stories, summaries and bite-size chunks of useful information. He also suggested a complete re-design.

After being given the go-ahead, Peter designed the newsletter, researched and wrote all the articles and coordinated the printing for the next six years.

See one of the newsletters.

Articles for the Tacoma Art Museum

The Tacoma Art Museum — one of the leading art institutions in the Pacific Northwest — wanted a new-and-improved newsletter to go with the state-of-the-art facility it was constructing. After hiring a graphic designer to revamp the look of the newsletter, they contracted with Krause Communications to write all the articles.

Peter critiqued the content, proposed a short list of improvements, then researched and wrote 10 articles in two weeks for the first edition of the all-new format.

See a sample article from one of the newsletters.