This Seattle writer knows marketing

Meet Peter Krause, the Seattle copywriter with inventive ideas, reasonable fees and 18 years of marketing and PR experience.

Peter Krause has been a professional copywriter for 18 years.

He's written websites for e-commerce companies, business plans for airport security systems, product descriptions for consumer electronics, help documentation for new software, press kits for online services, marketing e-mails for luxury condominiums, direct mail for health insurance, case studies for cardboard boxes, print ads for restaurants, white papers for investment services, employee safety manuals for manufacturing plants and much, much more.

Peter's also written newsletters and blogs for the real estate, banking, health insurance, home-improvement and marketing industries.

In short, if you're looking for a freelance copywriter with experience, Peter's your go-to guy. Plus, he's worked on all sides of the business: agency, media and corporate.

Early 1990s: Reporter and PR flack

Peter holds a journalism degree from the University of Washington and for a time in the early 1990s worked as a writer for Pearl Jam's public relations agency (Pyramid Communications), and as a news reporter for Washington state's third-largest daily newspaper (The News Tribune).

Late 1990s: In-house Copywriter

In 1995, Peter left Seattle and went to work in the marketing department of a large, Chicago-based insurance brokerage, where he spent the next four years helping to create and implement a steady stream of direct mail, print ads, customer communications, articles, newsletters, brochures and presentations.

Early 2000s: Ecommerce Copywriter and Editor

After returning to Seattle in 1998, Peter was hired to help create all the online content for Mercata — the Seattle e-commerce company founded by Paul Allen. There, he managed and edited the work of three copywriters, plus wrote product descriptions, buyer's guides, banner ads, help documentation and corporate communications.

Today: Seattle-based Freelance Copywriter

By 2001, Peter had eight years of professional copywriting experience under his belt, and it finally felt like the time was right to set out on his own. He founded Krause Communications in Seattle's Green Lake neighborhood that same year and hasn't stopped smiling since.

Since establishing Krause Communications, Peter's written for many of greater Seattle's leading companies, including Weyerhaeuser, Boeing, ShareBuilder, Concur, Puget Sound Energy, FareStart, Darigold and Windermere — as well as a wide variety of other businesses, small and large, throughout the country (see a detailed client list).

What Makes Peter Different

Do a little research, and you'll soon see it's rare to find a Seattle-based freelance marketing writer who's been in business (full-time) as long as Peter has — and even rarer still to find a Seattle freelancer with similar experience and skills charging anywhere near the same rates.

Peter's creative, but still corporate. His approach to the work is very professional. His client list ranges from small service providers to large corporations. And the words clients most often use to describe his work are "thorough," "original" and "customer-focused."

The majority of the work Peter does is marketing-related (evenly split between Web initiatives and traditional marketing efforts). However, many clients also rely on Peter for help with their corporate communications, advertising and public relations projects.

In addition to performing all the writing, Peter also consults with clients on strategy, new approaches, graphic design, vendor selection and other marketing/communications matters.